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Neighbourhood Plan: Responses

Following the 6 week Pre-Consultation period on the Witton Gilbert Neighbourhood Plan. We publish here all of the responses received from residents, statutory consultees and other interested parties.


Follow the link below to see comments.

Pre-Consultation comments

These comments will be carefully considered before the final draft of the Neighbourhood Plan in prepared and examined by an Independent  Planning Inspector, who will advise on compliance with the law and process. The Planning Inspector may  recommend changes before the plan is put to a Community Referendum or recommend further community consultation.

Neighbourhood Plan consultation draft

 Pre-Submission Consultation Stage of the Neighbourhood Plan

This formal consultation must follow the government guidelines required by regulation 14 of the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations 2012 relating to this stage of the plan.

These regulations require the Parish Council  to formally publicise and consult on the Plan for a period of not less than six weeks. This period begins at 6pm on Monday 15th January 2018 and ends at 6pm on Tuesday 27th February 2018.

There have been a number of consultation events over the last 4 years and these have helped to formulate the plan. This is the communities opportunity to review the Plan at this important stage and at the same time the plan goes out to a wide range of statutory bodies and other appropriate consultees.

All representations/comments will be used to inform the development of future drafts of the proposed neighbourhood plan. In addition, they will be incorporated into a Statement of Consultation which will be forwarded to an independent examiner along with a draft of the plan at a later stage.

To review the draft Neighbourhood Plan and submit your comments please click the link below.


Neighbourhood Plan consultation UPDATE

The  public consultation events held at Cooper Hall on 2nd and 4th June were well attended and lively events.  With about 70 people attending the meetings over the two days. Although the responses to much of the plans policy content were generally positive, one area did result in a more robust debate and that was the potential new housing site allocation to the rear of Front Street.

This was the first time a single draft document has been presented, setting all 13 policies in context. The draft document is some 60 pages long  and difficult to digest in the relatively short time at the drop in events. The events were an opportunity for the residents to ask questions and raise issues which concern them, but the consultation will continue online until the 17th June.  The residents were urged to download the plan from this website, look at the whole plan and submit their comments via the online form or to drop off hardcopy comments at Cooper Hall.  Though residents can make their views known or ask questions at any time during this draft stage of the Plan.

All written comments received at all stages of the Plan are documented and will be retained for scrutiny in the later formal stages of the Plan.

We welcome the opportunity to talk to the residents and feel that a single document brought some clarity and answered some questions posed previously.

To clarify some misunderstandings expressed at the meeting:-

  • The Neighbourhood Plan Group consists of volunteers who all live in the parish. This is a community based initiative and is not driven by the County Council.
  • The Steering Group have always encouraged people to contribute and to get engaged with the development of the plan. All volunteers are welcome.
  • This is an opportunity for our community to set its own planning policies to control development in the parish.
  • The Neighbourhood plan is a vision for our community for the next 15 years.
  • The plan is designed to protect our parish from unwanted development and protect the facilities and character of the village for the next generation.
  • The Neighbourhood Plan cannot make things happen, the aim is to encourage good quality design with a design guide and prevent poorly planned development.
  • The policy aims and objectives are based on research and consultation carried out over the last 3 years.
  • The Plan is still very much in its informal consultation stage and there is more work to do.

Please do not think that you have missed the opportunity to have your views heard. You can contact us at any time. Suggestions and ideas from residents are always welcome, we would appreciate any help.







Download the Consultation presentation sheets below.

Consultation sheet 1

Consultation sheet 2

Consultation sheet 3

Consultation sheet 4

Consultation sheet 5

Neighbourhood Plan Consultation

Don’t forget to come along to the consultation events at Cooper Hall  on Thursday 2nd June 6:00pm to 7:30pm and Saturday 4th June 11:00am to 1:00pm.


Its important that you express your opinions and ask questions at this stage as we will soon be moving onto the more formal Consultation phase of the process.

community engagement leaflet No3 copy









The Power of Neighbourhood Planning

First Draft of the Neighbourhood Plan available to download.

The first draft of the Neighbourhood plan has been prepared in preparation of another public consultation phase. We will be holding drop-in events where you can ask detail questions and give your views on the plan. A copy of the plan will be available in the following location for you to examine or you can read it on line on this web site by clicking the link below.

link to Draft Plan page