Neighbourhood Plan Consultation

Don’t forget to come along to the consultation events at Cooper Hall  on Thursday 2nd June 6:00pm to 7:30pm and Saturday 4th June 11:00am to 1:00pm.


Its important that you express your opinions and ask questions at this stage as we will soon be moving onto the more formal Consultation phase of the process.

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The Power of Neighbourhood Planning

Breathing Space SHOWCASE WEEK

Showcase Week 13th-17th June

Come and join us for a week long taster of activities from Breathing Space Project at St Michael & All Angels Church

Monday 13th:               Tai Chi in the Churchyard!
Tuesday 14th:               BBQ @ The Men’s shed
Wednesday 15th:       Get Active Free Taster @                                                                   Methodist Chapel
Thursday 16th:             Woodland Wonders Taster
Friday 17th:                    Sensing the Seasons Walk &                                                           Folk singing

This is the 4th Year of the Breathing Space Project and the Trustees and team would like to invite you to see what we have been doing. Please visit the Church this week to find out !

During the summer months the church will be open between 9am and 4pm.

Men’s shed

The Men’s Shed has been going over 3 years and has a regular group of volunteers from Changing Lives homeless project and Free the Way . The Men’s Shed is being supported financially through Durham County Council Cree project fund and Awards for All lottery fund.
The project runs on a Tuesday 11.30am-1.30pm and 1.30-3.30pm
Gillie and Dave work alongside the group to support Friends of Witton Dene to manage the nature reserve by doing maintenance work to keep the pathways accessible.


Join us on Tuesday in the Churchyard 12.15– 2.15 for a BBQ and to see the work so far!

Tai Chi

Join us on Monday 12.15-1.15 in the Churchyard for an outdoor session of Tai Chi!


Get Active Again

Get Active Again is a Gentle exercise group aimed at those who want to start to increase their physical activity. It is suitable for older members of the community and for those who are recovering from illness or those who just want to enjoy physical activity in a safe and supportive atmosphere. Led by Sandra Mountjoy the sessions are enjoyable, fun and challenging. The sessions operate 2-3.15pm on Wednesdays at the Methodist Chapel( normally £2 per session).

Join us on Wednesday at the Methodist Chapel 2-3.15pm for a free taster session


Woodland Wonders

Family activity encourages shared experience and can support the development of positive relationships within the family unit. Within the Woodland wonders programme there are opportunities for families to work together to problem solve and to create.

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Join us on Thursday in the Churchyard 3.30-4.30 for a free taster session


Mindfulness is a really useful tool to support the development of positive health and wellbeing. The monthly Sensing the Seasons sessions use the mindfulness techniques to enable the participant to be aware of themselves in the present and to allow judgmental thoughts and negative emotions to flow through.

Join us on Friday 10-11am to experience the calm


Folk Singing

The Folk Singing and Songwriting course is a partnership between Breathing Space and Colour Your Life and has been a huge hit.
The activity is currently running on Fridays 1-3pm in the Church.
Benny Graham a local Folk Singer and Songwriter has given us a great insight into local folk music tradition and has led us in songs from The Lambton Worm to the Sandgate Lass.

Join us on Friday 1-3 for a free taster session or simply come along and enjoy the singing!








To download the full Leaflet click the link below

Breathing Space Showcase Leaflet

Contact information

Gillie Boggon, Project Officer.
Phone: 07508 471522/01913711387`


St Michael & All Angels Coach Lane
Witton Gilbert DH7 6SX