The Parish Council has been consulting on the Witton Gilbert Neighbourhood Plan since 2013 and in November2018 a pre-submission draftwas completed and submitted for inspection by an Independent Planning Inspector. The plan has since been recommended to go forward to a referendum after consultations with Durham CountyCouncil.
The Plan has taken countless hours of work and research and has at all times involved residents and it is based on your comments and views given at the well attended public meetings and feedback sessions. It is YOUR plan and it can now become formal part of the planning process with full legal status.
A formal referendum organised by the County Council will  be held on the November 7th and polling cards will be issued to all registered voters in Witton Gilbert Parish.    The Neighbourhood Plan is important to the local community as it will sit alongside the County Plan and be used to make planning decisions within the Neighbourhood area.
The aim of the plan can bebriefly expressed as follows:-
* Defines a Settlement Boundary to prevent the erosion of     the  countryside around Witton Gilbert
* Controls Housing Development within the settlement Boundary, and makes provision for affordable housing and homes for older people
* Defines a Historic Zone and helps to ensures all development or alterations within the zone are appropriate
* Encourages Sustainable design
* Protects and promotes Biodiversity within the Parish
* Defines and protects Local Green Spaces from development.
These are shown on the proposals map and include such areas as the playing fields and the allotments
* Protects and supports Community Assets, e.g. The Community Centre, Primary School, the Store and Post Office
* Encourages new and existing business, farm diversification and home working
* Encourages Community energy generation projects.
The plan will also help provide some revenue for Community projects as all Neighbourhood Plan areas get 25% of any Community
Infrastructure Levy applied to a development within the Neighbourhood area.
We encourage parishioners to read all of the information related to this plan contained on this web site or access the plan at the County Council site. There is also a hard copy deposited at Cooper Hall.
If you have any comments please use the form below