The Parish Council with the full backing of the allotment holders are continuing to look at all options in an effort to save the allotments.

In September 2018 Langley Estates put up for sale 18 plots of land around Witton Gilbert including the Sacriston Lane Allotments (next to the School) currently leased to the Parish Council.
The Parish Council put in a bid to buy the allotments to preserve them for community but were unsuccessful. Their bid of £10060 was based on the recommendation of a professional valuer who advised that the site was agricultural land, with limited development potential.

The Parish Council has received 12 MONTHS NOTICE TO QUIT from the new owners.

The allotment site was acquired from Lord Lambton in 1909 following the 1908 Allotment Act. For 110 years local people have enjoyed this popular amenity which continues to welcome new members, provide healthy exercise, fresh, local food and friendship for generations of Witton Gilbert residents. The importance of the allotments is reflected in the designation of the site, as “Protected
Green Space” within the Witton Gilbert Neighbourhood Plan so its important to vote in the referendum on the 7th November.

The 48 allotment plots bring people together from a mixture of ages and backgrounds. Some are new to growing and benefit from the advice of older members of the community; others have lovingly tended their plots for decades. They share an appreciation of fresh produce and the sense of community and wellbeing that the allotments provide.

The Parish Council intend to do everything within their power to preserve this valuable resource for future generations.

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